CORFAC Marketing for YOU

A large portion of the CORFAC yearly budget goes to advertising – in trade magazines, industry websites, and on Google.  The communication committee works with HQ and PR consultant Gary Marsh to decide the best use of the funds – to get the most reach for the $$.

We have a couple of exciting new advertising campaigns in 2013.  One of them is a campaign on LoopNet to help member firms get more leads.  Flashing banner ads have been created to run at the top of the LoopNet search page featuring the CORFAC logo and each firm’s logo.  Click the banner below to see an example.


Each ad will run for tenants and investors who run a search in their market.  For Example, Klabin Company/CORFAC International ads will appear for searches in and around L.A.

Twenty-Four firms will be on LoopNet March – May, and another twenty-four will run September – November.  If someone clicks on the ad, they will be directed to your firm’s website. Hopefully this campaign will increase calls, clicks, and emails to your office – as well as recognition for the CORFAC brand.