What email program is best for you?

We all depend on email programs to get the word out to our customers – whether it’s a quarterly newsletter or a new property listing – because emails are a fast and easy way to communicate.  How do you determine which email program you should use to reach your customers?

The answer: it depends on what you want!  A small group of CORFAC marketing professionals met to discuss this topic last week.  There are several online marketing programs that have easy email templates that can be used to send a polished and professional email with very little effort.  There are several websites that include comparisons between different providers.  Here are 2 to check out:

Depending on your budget and contact list, a lot of these can be great options for your firm, and they provide a great way to track open rates and clicks in your emails – so you can tell what your customers read and what they want to learn more about!

CORFAC members can view the Marketing/PR conversation and view the short presentation on the Extranet: http://corfac.com/cx-pro-dev-webinars-podcasts.cfm?WebinarID=52.

What do you look for in an email program?