Economics: The Future of Office Real Estate

Chris Lee, President & CEO of CEL & Associates, Inc., published his July 2013 e-newsletter this week, and it is filled with useful information on the future of office real estate, including how generational differences are causing a shift in how office buildings are used.

The Great Generational Transfer of Power and Office Space utilization is underway. The in-power Boomers will give way to the connective channel of expectations of the Millennials. From fixed space to collaborative space, from working in the office to working remotely and from 9-5 to 24/7 work schedules, this generational transfer is having a major impact on office space design and demand.
Lee Table

This is quite a shift in both attitude and square footage –  from 350 sq ft a person to less than 150.  Now you need a laptop and phone and you can work anywhere – not just in an office.  How will this impact the future of office real estate?  Read the full article here:

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