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19 042017

By Andy Jaffe, Senior Vice President, Commercial Properties Inc./CORFAC International

What creates value in anything someone does? Everyone searches for value in different ways. Some of us value time off to explore different places or spending more time with our families. Others see value in accomplishing something they may have never done before.

Andy Jaffe, Senior Vice President of Commercial Properties Inc./ CORFAC International 

This concept of value relates to networks or organizations which a person chooses to belong to and ultimately decides to become actively involved in. There are many reasons a person joins or gets involved which includes meeting a personal goal which they may have set before joining. It is important to have specific goals set before joining or considering joining an organization. This will help better define whether or not this is something they want to do.

I wanted to explore the potential value a member can experience in becoming more involved with CORFAC both professionally and personally. By being an active member you build relationships that can lead to making more deals not to mention the vast network of professionals to learn from. On a personal level, I have been extremely fortunate and continue to make deals by being actively involved. I set my goals to become very involved with a great group of successful brokers around the world. I have learned from them, socialized with them and always felt I could pick up the phone at any time and share information with a complete level of trust.

Referrals and relationships don’t happen overnight. It is the result of having spent time and effort to gain the trust of that referring broker and to know that they can have confidence in referring me to their clients. That confidence is the result of years of going to conferences, conversations with a broad range of associates in our industry and building a rapport. I have found great value for several reasons in being actively involved in CORFAC both in my personal life and professional career. Each conference offers additional knowledge to my continued learning and provides opportunities to speak with other CORFAC brokers. Everyone should have their own reasons for what they expect to gain and/or give by participating.

I strongly encourage each of you to look for that valuable reason to become more actively involved in CORFAC. That may include attending a conference, reading the materials we send out, talking about what you can do to make more deals with your fellow brokers, what is going on in their markets, making a new friend, what is happening in other parts of the world or join a committee and get more involved. In the end, all those efforts will more than likely amount to getting a call with a referral.

Commit yourself to getting more involved in CORFAC if you want to experience greater success. It takes work, dedication and a commitment. Like anything, you get out of CORFAC what you put into CORFAC. I have found value in being involved with CORFAC and I hope you can also get to that same place. The rewards of networking and friendships with this exceptional group of people is incredible. You will not find a better group of professionals and people to align yourself with in the commercial real estate industry.

About the Author: In addition to his role as Senior Vice President for Commercial Properties Inc./CORFAC International in Tempe, AZ, Andy Jaffe is the 2017 CORFAC International Treasurer, a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and has held numerous committee positions within the organization. Andy also received CORFAC’s 2014 Olen Monsees Award for his tireless efforts and dedication to the organization. 

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