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15 Sep2020

CORFAC 2020 Virtual Fall Summit

Thank you to everyone who attended CORFAC's 2020 Virtual Fall Summit. We'd also like to sincerely thank our engaging speakers and generous sponsors for their support -- we could not have put on this successful event without you!

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Global Economic and Commercial Real Estate Outlook 
Presented by: Lawrence Yun, PhD, Chief Economist, National Association of Realtors

"I anticipate by the middle of next year, a 10 percent decline in CRE prices. But, since the low point of the Great Recession, prices have more than doubled so even with some price decline, the market will not be under tremendous stress..."
- Lawrence Yun

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Creative Marketing and Deal Making in a Fast Changing World

"Even though many businesses are closed or still working remote, we're still sending out mass mailings, advertising our properties on social media, sending out e-mail blasts and doing good old fashioned cold calling. Our belief is that just because some of the business community has stalled doesn't mean we should. There is still opportunity out there and that's the message we present to potential clients."
- Panelist Mason Capitani, SIOR, L. Mason Capitani/CORFAC International, Detroit, Michigan

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CORFAC Principals Panel: Best Practices for Surviving and Thriving in Turbulent Markets 

"One of my tips for prospecting is to stay close to your promoters. What do I mean by that? I mean the folks that you have a relationship with, that you like doing business with, that will put in a good word for you...someone like your real estate attorney. You're not going to lease space to them, but they may have other clients that you can assist and help."
- Panelist Chuck Mitchell, CCIM, First Capital Property Group/CORFAC International, Orlando, Florida

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Technology Session: Brokerage Marketing in a Digital World 

"As people became more hesitant to meet face-to-face and do on-site tours, a lot of our brokers were asking us to adopt virtual tours. This has been a great opportunity for us and has set the standard going forward. We won't stop doing them even after the pandemic is over. We see them both as a 'filter' and an 'exciter' for potential occupiers."
- Panelist Justin Flom, TRI Commercial/CORFAC International, Walnut Creek, California

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Next Gen Idea Exchange: Strategies for Success in Today's CRE Market

"I find value in networking with local trade associations that work with various businesses. I've worked to become the real estate resource to one of these associations in particular, which gives me direct access to business owners. The key part of that is focusing on being the resource, not the salesman. It's another option for soft selling yourself and putting yourself out in the market." 
- Panelist Brody Cohen, Capacity Commercial Group/CORFAC International, Portland, Oregon

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Closing Keynote: Emerging Logistics Trends in Commercial Real Estate
Presented by: Curtis Spencer, President, IMS Worldwide

"A push for supply chain resilience will lead to an additional 750 million to 1 billion square feet of industrial space in the U.S. alone, as companies look to foster safety stocks of inventory in the already growing U.S. industrial commercial real estate sector."
- Curtis Spencer  

Thank You to Our 2020 Virtual Fall Summit Sponsors:

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