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11 Jan2021

CORFAC Announces New Roles for Headquarters Staff

CORFAC International Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Salk is pleased to announce two members of the headquarters staff in Chicago have assumed new roles within the organization in 2021. "I'm thrilled to share the news that Jennifer Norbut and Kristy Schlossberg recently recevied some well-deserved promotions, acknowledging the outstanding work they have both done over the last several years at CORFAC," Salk said. 

Jennifer Norbut has been named Chief Marketing & Communications Officer after serving as the organization’s Director of Communications and Marketing for the past six years. Jennifer has been instrumental in elevating CORFAC’s global brand through a wide range of marketing channels, developing internal and external member engagement strategies, leading member research and data analysis efforts and developing educational offerings for CORFAC's in-person and online events. She brings more than 20 years of nonprofit marketing experience to CORFAC, including 14 years with the CCIM Institute. 

Kristy Schlossberg has been named Director of Integrated Marketing and Global Services and will continue to manage and implement CORFAC’s social media program strategies, build brand awareness of the CORFAC network to both internal and external audiences, work closely with CORFAC’s growing number of international members to help achieve their initiatives and continue to work with staff and leadership to realize the over-arching goals of the organization. Kristy previously served in this role for three years as a manager after joining CORFAC in the fall of 2016.

"I look forward to collaborating with our leadership team and members on many new programs this year. We are fortunate to work with such a talented group of volunteers and staff, including part-time Meetings and Membership Manager Diann Harris, here at CORFAC," Salk noted. 



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