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06 Jul2017

Past CORFAC Individual Award Winners

Charlie King MVP Award
The Charlie King MVP Award recognizes an individual in the spirit of CORFAC co-founder Charlie King, Jr. FIPC, FIREC, SIOR, for his devoted and exceptional service. The recipient of this award is considered CORFAC’s most valuable player during the current year.

2003 - Charlie King, King Industrial Realty, Inc/CORFAC International 
2004 - Dan Gostylo, Providence Commercial Real Estate/CORFAC International
2005 - Ray Baker, CPS/CORFAC International 
2006 - John Owen, Voit Commercial/CORFAC International
2007 - Mike Boyd, Boyd Commercial/CORFAC International 
2008 - Jeff Graham, King Industrial/CORFAC International 
2009 - Steve Podolsky, Podolsky Circle/CORFAC International 
2009 - David Prior, Klabin Company/CORFAC International 
2010 - Todd Payne, Goodfellow Ashmore/CORFAC International
2011 - Doug Marshall, Klabin Company/CORFAC International 
2012 - David Boyd, Boyd Commercial/CORFAC International 
2013 - G. Raymond Lyons, Thomas Johnson L. Realty/CORFAC International
2014 - Kurt Walsh, ProTen Realty Group/CORFAC International
2015 - Tom Martindale, TRI Commercial/CORFAC International 
2016 - David Boyd, Boyd Commercial/CORFAC International
2017 - John R. Homsher, Podolsky Circle/CORFAC International
2018 - Miguel Cavazos, Citius Capital/CORFAC International
2019 - Phill Tomlinson, Commercial Properties Inc./CORFAC International

Olen Monsees Award
The Olen Monsees Award recognizes an individual member who goes above and beyond the call of duty without being asked, the "unsung hero" of the network. Olen Monsees (1940-2012) was the President of Karbank Real Estate Company/CORFAC International in Kansas City, Missouri and he worked with a natural sense of responsibility, without complaint or excuses.  

2014 - Andy Jaffe, Commercial Properties Inc./CORFAC International 
2015 - James Klements, Weber Wood Medinger/CORFAC International 
2016 - Sim Doughtie, King Industrial/CORFAC International
2017 - Adam Tarantur, Podolsky Circle/CORFAC International
2018 - Joe Latina, Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties/CORFAC International
2019 - Greg Ellis, Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties/CORFAC International 

Steven H. Podolsky International Member of the Year Award
The Steven Podolsky International Member of the Year award recognizes an outstanding international member (outside of the U.S.) who goes above and beyond the call of duty without being asked while expanding the visibility, collaboration and reach of CORFAC globally. This award is named in honor of Steven H. Podolsky, SIOR, Podolsky Circle/CORFAC International, for his strategic implementation, commitment, dedication and outstanding service in growing the international affiliates of CORFAC. 

2016 - Alistair Subba Row, Farebrother/CORFAC International
2017 - Ray Lyons, Realty Advisors Ltd., Brokerage/CORFAC International
2018 - Mirela Raicu, ESOP Consulting/CORFAC International
2019 - Miguel Cavazos, Citius Capital/CORFAC International 

Thomas B. Hayes Jr. Award
The Thomas B. Hayes Jr. Award was established in 2003 to honor the late Thomas B. Hayes Jr., a pioneer on the cutting edge of monitoring and assessing new technology and keeping CORFAC colleagues updated. The recipient of this award is a person who has distinguished themselves by sharing innovative and creative ideas relevant to commercial real estate brokerage. 

2005 - Ray Baker, CPS/CORFAC International
2006 - Jerry Holdner, Voit Commercial Brokerage/CORFAC International
2007 - Pablo Revilla, CPS/CORFAC International
2008 - Michael Tanner, King Industrial/CORFAC International
2009 - Edwin Camacho, Lansco Corporation/CORFAC International
2010 - Ken Morris, Morris Southeast Group/CORFAC International
2012 - Andrew Murbach, TRI Commercial/CORFAC International
2015 - Phill Tomlinson, Commercial Properties Inc./CORFAC International
2016 - Kurt Walsh, ProTen Realty Group/CORFAC International
2017 - Steve Lane, Voit Real Estate Services/CORFAC International
2018 - Alistair Subba Row, Farebrother/CORFAC International and Charlie Thompson, Farebrother/CORFAC International
2019 - Hayim Mizrachi, MDL Group/CORFAC International 



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