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Explore Extraordinary Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate: Hotels and Hotel-Restaurants for Purchase and Sale

Are you seeking to make lucrative investments in the realm of hospitality and real estate? Look no further. Our specialized agency, dedicated to facilitating the sale and acquisition of hotels and apart-hotels, presents a distinctive and unparalleled offering.

For Sale: Distinctive Hotels and Hotel-Restaurants Portfolio

Our group boasts an array of diversified structures with multiple regional establishments. With an established reputation in the traditional hospitality and travel sector, we stand out for our opulent luxury hotels and those tailored for corporate ventures. Furthermore, we have ingeniously pioneered innovative approaches to accommodation and travel.

Key Features of This Remarkable Opportunity:

Hotel Network: A thoughtfully curated collection of 8 hotels strategically situated across Tunisia's most significant cities.

Accommodation Capacity: These establishments collectively comprise an impressive total of 2,368 beds, making for a substantial accommodation capacity.

Diverse Activities: Our expertise extends beyond accommodation and includes a spectrum of activities encompassing travel agency services, thalassotherapy, leisure pursuits, restaurant and bar services, golfing amenities, import and export operations, as well as involvement in the real estate sector.

An Intriguing Investment in the Tunisian Tourism Market

This distinctive proposition opens doors for aspiring investors seeking to tap into the vibrant Tunisian tourism market. With a steadfast reputation steeped in the traditions of hospitality and travel, our group remains at the forefront of innovation in the realms of accommodation and travel experiences.

If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio within a burgeoning sector, this opportunity should not be overlooked. Seize the chance to become a prominent player in the thriving Tunisian tourism industry.

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