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27 032020

As reported cases of COVID-19 creep close to 550,000 worldwide, countries have been instituting increasingly strict measures to stop the spread of disease. According the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, as of Wednesday, 1 in 4 Americans were under a shelter-in-place order and not allowed to leave their homes except to perform essential activities.

Despite those sobering statistics, we’ve heard from many of our members — both domestic and international — who are figuring out a “new for now” normal via Zoom meetings (CORFAC staff held our first two this week), WhatsApp chats, FaceTime and more.

We also received notes from our members from around the world that we wanted to share. It was great to hear from everyone, and we encourage you to continue to reach out to your CORFAC friends and colleagues to ask for or offer help. We’re in this together and will emerge stronger if we help each other.

We are fine even if we are living in special situation. Please take care, it is a nasty virus. — Antonio Campagnoli, IL Punto Real Estate Advisor/CORFAC International, Milan, Italy

In The Netherlands almost all people are working from home. Schools are closed, cafés and restaurants are closed and more and more shops are closing as well. Our medical staff are struggling, but they are doing a great job. Let’s hope we can hold on and be positive about the future. All the best to CORFAC members! — Rick Hoogervorst, FRIS/CORFAC International, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

All is ok with us in Mexico. We are working from home, kids the same, so this has become something very interesting. We are learning to have more time together and enjoy talking, watching TV and playing cards as we did when we were kids. This bad times for sure will bring good times for all of us. — Miguel Cavazos, Citius Capital/CORFAC International, Monterrey, Mexico

In Japan, almost all people wear masks and wash their hands and gargle as usual. My family and employees are fine now. Asia, Europe and the United States are going through a tough time. However, I read news from trials that some companies, including Fujifilm, have shown the benefits of existing drugs. I wish the health of all CORFAC members. — Kiyoshi Inomata, Asset Build, Inc./CORFAC International, Tokyo, Japan

The world has gone mad! All well here, I have half my team working from home and the other half in the office. We are getting many tenant seeking rent abatements and refusing to sign leases until all this passes. Everyone seems to be panicked and nervous about the situation. Thankfully, my family is well and this will pass! Stay safe, healthy and positive and wishing everyone all the very best in these trying times. — Daniel Liberman, Axis Property/CORFAC International, Melbourne, Australia

Well wishes to you all from Romania in these difficult times. For us, so far, the big wave has been avoided. It is the first time ever when the authorities reacted very promptly — schools got closed 2 weeks ago and 1 week later most companies were work from home. We are today (March 25) at only 794 infected and 11 deaths, it’s only a matter of time until the numbers increase though. Let’s hold on thinking that will all pass and better days will come for sure. Warm hugs to you all! — Mirela Raicu, ESOP Consulting/CORFAC International, Bucharest, Romania

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