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22 012013

It’s that time of year again at CORFAC – time to enter all of your 2012 CORFAC referrals into the database!  Every time you complete a CORFAC referral, you enter to win a COR$TAR award.  These awards are given to the referring brokers based on size and type of referral.

Anytime you get a referral from another CORFAC firm, it reinforces that you are a quality broker that other brokers trust to work with their clients.  Although referrals are not reliable, all brokers hope for them to help reach their yearly goals.  Top Dogs sent out an email this week that reinforces why referrals are so important. and how to create a system that turns referrals into an active program.  Here’s what Top Dog suggests:

  1. Create an “A” list of your raving fans from you clients
  2. Divide the list by 13, (the number of weeks in one 3 month period).
  3. Let them know you’ll be stopping by this week to say hello, and then do it.

Remind them that your business relies on quality referrals from valued clients. Let them know an accurate definition of what a good referral is for you. Then ask, “ Who do you know that I should be speaking with about my services?” Put all new A-list clients into the your system. Repeat 4 times each year and you will not only have more referrals, you will deepen your relationship with your A-list clients.

CORFAC has a goal to increase CORFAC referrals by 30% by 2015.  An increase in referrals will benefit all CORFAC firms.  What are you doing to increase referral business?

You can hear more from Bob McComb of Top Dogs at the 2013 Spring Conference in Las Vegas.  Bob will be leading the Principal’s Caucus and will discuss “How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain Top CRE Agents and Build a Winning Team”.

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