Find Your Real Estate Mojo

Has the Real Estate Industry Lost It’s Mojo?

This is the question raised in the new Strategic Advantage Newsletter from CEL & Associates, Inc. The article discusses how to get real estate firms back on track by being a student of business so that you can outperform your peers and competitors.

Here are seven key strategies to help get your real estate mojo back:

  1. Drop The Emotional Attachment To Accomplishments
  2. Do You Truly Have All The Answers?
  3. Create Overreaching Themes To Drive Change
  4. Innovate Or Stand Aside
  5. Remove Negativity & Conflict
  6. Create A Branding Program That Works
  7. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

According to Lee, “Getting one’s mojo back is not only an important action to take, but it is essential and strategically very important. Success is not assured by catchy phrases or dominant personalities in the New Normal. Today we live and work in an environment defined by relationships, values, standards and trust. With future outcomes in doubt, embrace the seven actions described above, and you and your organization can take two steps ahead of your competitors.”

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